summer festival rp shenanigans yeeeaaahhhh

steve we need to run away from the creepy shadow things, NOT TOWARDS THEM

The asset has taken care of the problem.

i can’t get enough of pre-serum steve and winter soldier bucky. uuuuuuuuugh

When he saw that the last of the HYDRA technicians were lying still in their own blood, he was filled with a cold satisfaction. It was sharper than what he’d felt when a mission was complete, and it came to him gradually, seeping in like the red that leaked out from his dead targets.

The corner of his mouth twitched into a twisted facsimile of the expression he’d seen on others when they were pleased with something. It was wrong, he knew. But at that moment, it was right.

The asset has been granted permission to finish off his target.

Saw this post and couldn’t help myself. I love me some restraints.

Steve isn’t happy that Tony did what Bucky asked and didn’t tell Cap the ex-assassin was staying in Avengers Tower, whoops.

my new ot4 is starbucks and pepperony and there is no stopping me

bonus other side:

"Starting to think you like it."

Bucky’s making friends with yet more people too dumb to avoid risks.

i just want bucky to meet everyone in extremely awkward situations post-movie

like encountering maria hill while staying in avengers tower and having her flip out about it