Mouse: you might be able to make the argument that occasionally hydra lopped off some hair to it didn’t turn into an enormous rat nest, since they clearly shaved him every couple of decades for the maskĀ 
Ryoko: yes
Ryoko: just so it isn’t unmanageable but
Ryoko: not anything fancy at all
Mouse: like do the tie up and then hack off ponytail technique
Ryoko: yes
Ryoko: ggghhhhhh……
Ryoko: oh no
Ryoko: what have you done

my name is ryoko and i’m addicted to drawing hair

Tony I don’t think Pepper will approve of your new picking-up-homeless-assassins hobby

neither does the homeless assassin

Put him on ice.

Sara: lmao so i’m watching ouran and now i’m just thinking of bucky and steve being devil type together crycat
Sara: bucky being hikaru and doing all that to steve to get the ladies to watch
Sara: and steve just going along with it
Sara: this is my shameful fantasy

the moral of the story is don’t share your shameful fantasies with me

some doodles.


I know things aren’t the same and they never will be. But long as we’ve got each other, we can still move towards the future. And that’s enough for me.

i winced when he punched him with that arm, ow.